This tense gives difficulty because students look upon it as a past rather than a present tense.It's a present tense describes events which happened in the past but are closely connected with the present.

- I have been a teacher for 9 years " still teaching from past till this moment "

 - I was a teacher for 9 years " I'm not teaching now".

- He Has broken his leg ." It's still broken now"

-He broke his leg ." In the past but not connected to the present ".

If we bear this important point in mind we will avoid many tense mistakes.

 Usage :

We use the present perfect tense to talk about:

1-Past events and activities with results in the present

   - Her last book has been a great success.

   -I have ( I've ) lost my keys ." I can't open the door ".

2-Things that started in the past and continue up till now

   - Haven't you finished your homework yet?

   - I have worked here for 3 years .

3-An action in the past when we don't know or not interested in exactly when it happened.

   -I have always dreamt about going to Spain.

   -She has written the report.



 We form the present perfect tense with:

A present form of have " has with the third person singular" + the third form of the verb .

   - He has had this cough for a long time.

   -They haven't seen each other for ten years "  Negative "

   -Has he decided what to do?  " Question"

 Time adverbials :

We use the following time adverbials with this tense

 - Before- ever - never-seldom-just -sometimes -often ...

 - We have never heard such a horrible news.

  -I have often tried to cook ,always with disastrous results . 

-Already :

I have already finished my homework .

Yet:" at the end of the sentence  in negative and question only"

-  We haven't seen this film yet.

- I haven't repaired my car yet.

Have you eaten yet ?

 - For / Since:

 For :" tells us  a period of time which the activity has taken ... "

 since: " tells us about a point in time when the activity began "

 - I have lived in this town for 2 years .

- I have lived in this town since 2010.


 Give four sentences in the present perfect tense using the following time adverbials in your sentences:

 - ever

 - just

- Already

- Yet

              Exercise :-B-

Fill in the spaces by either:   since or for

1-We have been friends ............. we were at school.

2- I have lived in this flat .............. five years.   

3- He hasn't played the piano ...........two months .                                   

4- They have learned English ............. 2006


Thank you and if you have any question, don't hesitate to ask ,and I'll willingly answer you all .


  Kind Regards

  - Hala-


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    • @Myth: Thank you so much for the particiaption ,I appreciate it and sorry for the late reply !

      Your answers are correct but the first sentence :

      ever- I ever have not been experienced with such injury.

             - I have not ever experienced such an injury .

       Best wishes Myth !

  • Dear my teacher, this is my exercises:


     Give four sentences in the present perfect tense using the following time adverbials in your sentences:

     - Have you ever been to Viet Nam?

     - I have just seen your picture.

    - She has Already painted her room.

    - I haven't had lunch yet.

      Exercise :-B-

    Fill in the spaces by either:   since or for

    1-We have been friends since we were at school.

    2- I have lived in this flat for five years.   

    3- He hasn't played the piano for two months .                                   

    4- They have learned English since 2006

    Thank you very much to view my exercises.

    Hope you have great day!


    • @ Scarlett:

      Correct answers!

      Best wishes!

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    • @ Alexey:

      These adverbs of frequency mostly used in the simple present tense ,but we can use them as I mentioned in the past perfect tense and in the simple past tense too:

      - He always went to the theatre when he was in Italy.

        Thank you for asking!

  •  Replies to exercise A:

    Have you ever known the city of Venice? No, I haven't.

    We have just landed in the city of Malaga in Spain.

    The mankind already given its contribution to the global warming.

    Have you contributed today to decrease the environmental pollution yet?

    We haven`t contributed today to decrease the environmental pollution yet.

    Replies to the exercise B:

    a) We have been friends SINCE we were at school.

    b) I have lived in this flat FOR five years.

    c) He hasn't played the piano FOR two months.

    d) They have learned English Since 2006.

    * Note: I'm awaiting for the correction and your comments learners.

    • @Daniel M:

      Exercise -A- all are correct but:

      The mankind has already given....


      Exercise -B- correct

      Thank you for sharing and I hope the lessons are clear and simple enough to be understood easily .I hope to see your replies in the coming lessons .

        Best wishes

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    • @Samsam:

      Exercise -1-: all are correct but : The bus hasn't ....

      Exercise -2-: since

      They have learned English since

      Thank you for sharing ,hope you can enjoy the other lessons too .

  • Hello Lolo-yaya,

    You have understood the lesson well.  There's just one point I'd like to make things clear here.  You are in the habit of putting independent sentences in one your nos. 2,3 and 4.  They are not incorrect but we usually separate independent clauses in a sentence.  Or we may add connectors (consequently, furthermore, etc.) or conjunctions (for, and, but, or, etc.) to make the sentence beautiful to read.

    As our rule here, we aim to seek perfection in studying our English lessons that a slight error in your exercises will render your answers incorrect.

    2- I have just come back home, it's so hot out side. outside.

    3- He has already finished his working work, he is coming home now.

    4- My kids haven't slept yet, they are lying on thier their beds.

    Be careful next time.

  • Dear Cold Moon.........except for no. 3 in Exercises A, the rest are correct.  Remember that we are on THE PRESENT PERFECT TENSE.  There are only two words that you should remember when using this tense........HAVE and HAS.

    3- University did not start yet.  (University has not started yet.)

  • Hello Teachers...^.*

    Exercise A

    1. I have ever fallen from a tree

    2. She has just came for a while, just gave the answer sheets

    3. My sister has already been a doctor since a month ago

    4. Have you watched "City Hunter" movie yet?

    Exercise B:

    1. Since; 2. for ; 3. for; 4. since

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