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  • oh, dear, do not mention it. I would be so pleased to help you and other members of TC as far as I can. Just like you I believe it should be a place for improving translation skill not working out academic papers. Yet, I welcome any short challenging text, members might have problem in translating them.
  • Dear Sara;

    Many thanks to you! certainly you are right!

    but! in fact my words was only a joke to have a fun in our group! :)

    we are here to give hand in hands, to improve our Eng language , learn and teach each other,..  as You yourself many times help us and I never forget how much trouble I made to you!

    there is no fault on Mr. Ashkan!

    but you know the lack of time is the matter, otherwise I'd like to translate, that's a nice experience and beside I would really be happy if I can help my friends,...

    Here I use this as a chance and again express my gratitude to you and your patience toward me.

  • I understand you dear Mahgol! TC members should not make use of this group. Once I suggested that members put only short challenging texts here for other members to try but... . I hope we could help each other in improving translation skill. I am looking forward to increased participation of TC members.

    btw, Your joking was so cool!!

  • the exam is over!

    time was limited!


  • Is an Isfehanian one?

  • NO! not strange!

    Tooo familiar !


  • What!!!!?

    (vakhiz nishet nezaned ) so strange language! hahaha

  • Candidates;

    First you should pass the exam!!

    If you could translate that paragraph! not only will be approved but also you will win Nobel reward! :)


    ashkan :

       با عرض سلام و احترام فراوان خانم ماهگل و با سپاس فراوان از ترجمه های به موقع و عالی خواهشمند است پاراگراف ذیل را ترجمه نمایید.

    the sun of god between two water of original! in marvelous vakhiz nishet nazaned.


  • Hahaha, Dear Mrs. Mahgol, an online translation institute! Nice offer.

    I'm with you, would you please register my name on your list? I'm afraid of losing the opportunity because of limitation of it.

    Oh please, I insist on. Thank you any way. :-)

This reply was deleted.

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Amir Ali

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