Amir Ali

Could you please give me a hand and translate these Persian sentences in English!

دیدگاه و درک خود از این پدیده ها، به خورد من داد

1.his perception of these phenomena, rub them into my mind.

یه جوری رفع و رجوعش کنم

2. somehow gloss over it.

خواجه کوتاه نمی آمد و هردو پای مبارکش را کرده بود توی یک کفش که " مجال من همین باشد که پنهان عشق او ورزم!"

3. Khwaje importuned and persisted in his opinion that my chance is make love hidden

خیلی زور داشت اگر این، نفس باد صبا یک مشک فشانی، چیزی میشد؟

4. was it too hard to ...

 من خاک بر سر هم که کاش لال میشدم

5.shame on me ! I wished I became dumb

بره جلو دختر مردم رو بگیره

6. stop up the man's daughter's passage

بالا غیرتا آبروی ما را حفظ کن

7.for God's sake! buy our credits

زبانم بند آمده بود

8. I was speechless

سرو تهش رو هم درآوردی

9. to formalize it

متلکی دلچسب بار آذر خانم کند

10. make a snide hearty remarks to Azar

ماست مالیش کنه

11. whitewash it

نطق غلط غلوطی ایراد فرمود

12. delivered a speech full of mistakes and errors


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  • 1.he rubbed in my mind his perception of the phanomena.

    2. i should manage it somehow.

    3. the same bur coorected as make hidden love.

    4.i did not get the sense of it!

    5. i wished i, the wretched, would become dumb.

    6. he'd better go stop the daughter of people.

    7. please honorably save our face.

    8. i began to falter.

    9. you made it out at last.

    10, the same

    11. to slur over it.

    12. he gave a speech full of boners.

    I tried to translate as much idiomatic as possible ss the originsl but they may also have beter equivalents, hope to be helpful.

    • Thank you dear Sara!

      That is really useful! I would keep good of these your kindness.

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