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Hi my Active Friends!

This isn’t a puzzle, but it is about puzzles.

I need the ideas of all of you here.


Please answer these questions:


1- Which kind of puzzle do you like to solve?

2- Why do we try to solve a puzzle?


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The number 2

A number called the Supernumber if

It's first figure divided on 1

The first two figures divided on 2

The first three figures divided on 3

The first four figures divided on 4

The first five figures divided on 5


The number consists of 9 figures (1,2...9)


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The number

Hi! Gived a number. The number consists of ten figures. The first figure means(shows) how many zeros(0) the number has. The second figure shows how many units(1) the number has... the 9th figure shows how many eights(8) the number has, and the 10th f

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