I hope you will like this group:) Join me :) Be sure when you try to find puzzle answers you will develop your English at the same time and you will have a fun time :)
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  • http://www.learn-english-today.com/wordgames/hotpot-xwords/around-t...

    Good luck my dear friends.

  • http://iteslj.org/cw/3/ck-dolch02.html

    I  hope you'll enjoy it.

    Crossword Puzzle - Very Commonly-used Words #2 (16 Words) (Charles Kelly) I-TESL-J
    An online interactive crossword puzzle, good for English vocabulary study. It requires JavaScript.
  • I everybody! If somebody would like to practice, here's my e-mail: adonislereveur6@yahoo.fr

  • Dear Skoon!


    Welcome :)

  • Knock! Knock!

    Hello! Anybody is here?!


  • Thank you, jean!

    It seems that you should answer the seccond one yourself, jean!!

  • Hi, Dear Inesh!
    Yes, I always see all of questions and puzzles here, but when I didn’t answer a question it means that I haven’t found its answer yet. I like your puzzles so. They are really nice. Let me answer the new one.
  • Hi Sahar! I wrote new puzzle. Did you read it?
  • maybe yellow and black because they`re contrasting..



    Yeah.. it was an Egg... Congrats to Darius and Sahar..

    and the second one?

    did someone really know the answer?


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We have 2 sandglasses that one of them pours all the sands in 7 minutes and another in 11 minutes. How can we cook an egg in 15 minutes by using these 2 sandglasses?

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