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  • Hi Jean,

      I would like to say.................


    May you have a wonderful new year! : )

    Feliz Navidad! : )

  • Hi Jean,i read almost all of Jane Austin books  and i read little women too, i like literature that try to make a spot light on human nature and action ,if you know what i mean.thanks
  • 2382592042?profile=originalHello Jean! Yeah, really , any  country has history . I can say that i am proud of my history, but it seems tritely.

                     it's more difficult , what legacy we would get from it.

                       i am so thankful for your interest  to my country.

                       I admire you!!!!!!

                       I'd like to wish you happiness tomorrow's day.

                                   have a nice weekend.


  • 2382583455?profile=original  These flowers  are for beautiful Lady!!!!!!!
  • Hello Jean! Thanks for your nice comment. It's very pleasant to meet the person who is very well- educated . It was surprised to know that you've read our russian literature. Oh!!!!! Great!!!!!
    Reading a book by a talented author can really open up our minds and even help us to think in a different way. Our knowledge can be greatly advanced with the help of books.
    I wish you the great day filled bright light.
    My regards from Rainy city as Saint- Petersburg.
  • Thank Jean,

    The problem of being not able to run VOCAROO could be the link to VOCAROO.COM bloked by the local area nework, I will give it a try as you do in the other link,

    many thank to you :) 

  • Hello Jean,


    I pop in your site :) for asking you to do me a favour, just Vacoroo appear to me very much, unfortunately I could be able to get an entry with notice on Vocaroo " Could not find server! Please check your internet connection and try again." plz let me know what to do about it,           

    Thank Jean :)

  • 2382565418?profile=original   Hello Jean! Thanks for your nice message which i got in a such beautiful morning. Yeah, i am from Russia, my native city is Saint- Petersburg.

     It's possible you've heard about it.

     I can write or express the some words by our famous poet Pushkin

                    I love you, Peter's great creation,

                    The solemn grace of your design

                     The Neva with its flow magestic

                     The granite of its stern confines.

          It's called as "The Northern Venice" It's worth visiting at once

             Have a nice week, Wish you day filled the beauty of happiness and joys.

                        My regards from Russia, Irina.

  • Hi jean,

    Thanks for asking! Good question! I'll check with Tara, or you could contact her directly. Usually, if the music is from a public area, it will be OK to download and upload it.

    Good luck!

  • Hello Jean,

      How are you my friend? I just want to greet you..... May our friendship will last for a long time...2382467598?profile=original

This reply was deleted.

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