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Photos of fireworks.

My photos of New year 2008.I was trying hard to hold camera steady in dark, but it actually became great because I couldn't! (PS. Click on photo to see enlarged.)

Here I was almost able to keep camera steady.

This might be interesting too.

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"the Photo Contest 2010".

Hello to all picture lovers,Here is a new challenge for all of us :))Joseph Essberger has organized a picture contest :"the Photo Contest 2010". The winner will be annouced on June 30.Meanwhile, get your camera and suprise us :)) The more we will hav

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Salim's photo challenge

Dear friends,Sorry for being away such a long time. I wasn't able to follow this group for more than 2 months now, but i hope i am going to have more time to be active here again.My friend Salim proposed an very fun challenge and you might be interes

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Find me!Find me! Guess and find me!!

Hello friends this is a photo of something in my house and may be in yours!

You will have to guess what it is !

It is a soft touch in cold days..

It is a gesture to say goodbye..

It is as a stain on a black smoking..

It can be one or several ..

It can be a

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this is a photo of our traditional clothes of weddings ,form the region of "tlemcen"in Algeria.

it's the marriage of my cousin two years ago.

Of course i am among these women,i hope you can find me !!

Nebia ,if you see it ,don't say (you know me !!)


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