Oh sunshinne, don't go away, please stay and shine above our heads.


Hello friends,

Lately, this group has been very slow and it's time for me to motivate everyone out here to post something .

Take your camera and make a picture, summer is a great time for photos inspiration. There is no precise topic, just post here a picture that, for you, represents summer The only rule is that this photo has to be taken OUTSIDE and that it must be YOU the photographer.

Then you have to write a caption that fits the picture (don't forget we have to practice english :))

At the end of August, all the members  will choose the photo that appeals them the most.

The goal here is not to judge the quality of the picture, it is to chose the one that "talks" to you the most.

You can post as many photos as you wish.



As Greg pointed it out in his comment, there are members for who it's winter now, and it wouldn't be fair not to give them a chance to participate, so, there will be 2 categories of photos. The summer and the winter categories and at the end of the month, we will choose 1 of each categories.


Wishing to see many of your photos here. Have fun :)



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  • Hello guys,

    The month of August is over, so it's time to give us your vote for the photo you prefer here. To like or not to like a picture is VERY subjective.


    Hardis' vote goes to Mummy's photo

    Selmas' vote goes to Manuela

    Manuelas' vote goes to Nafis' photo.

    Greg's vote goes to Manuela

    Nadiyah's vote for Greg

    Debbie's votre goes to Nafis


    Who's next ?

  • Can I join you here? I love taking photos, too. In fact, I'm convincing my husband to buy me a new JVC cam ( hope he will). I've seen it features and it was like a "picture perfect". You will capture every moments of your life. Anyway, another challenging group is awaiting for me (giggling).
    • Yes, Miley, of course you can join us here, it's a pleasure to have you in this group too. This "summer photo" challenge ended on the 3Ord of August, but there will be other ones in the future.

      You can even organize something too. Have you any idea ?

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    • I voted Greg's photo ... :)
    • Thanks Greg, glad you like my photo.

      Wishing you a great day.


    My vote is for Manuela (if she is not a contestant )


    then Katrina, :)))

    • Thanks dear Selma, wishing you a wonderful day.
  • I won't judge my own photos, because my own photos aren't interesting to judge for me.


    I chose Müge Ergin MOMMY:)'s photo "Mother save us Please :)"

    I chose this one as my favorite, because i can't find any reason why it shouldn't be the best summer photo.. It have everything a photo needs to represent summer. It fit's the topic well, it contains many summer elements and it have also good - a bit humorous title too..



  • Dear Selma, Nafis, Hardi, Nadiyah, Tara, Katrina, Greg and Muge


    Ok, the challenge will be over tomorrow. Please let me know what is your favorite photo of all. I will consider Greg's photo as a "summer" one as, there is no difference between his and some others. Winter in New Zealand doesn't seem so cold !

  • 2382624591?profile=original

    Calendula flower.


    It's a flower from my brother's.. or actually perhaps from his wife's garden. I think it's calendula.. so I name the photo as that. Well although I'm not really satisfied with this photo. I thought it's the last chance to post one more photo here.. I couldn't resist to use this chance. :P



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