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Story Reading/continuing and Recording.

Hello, Gabriel and Ec members!
 I have noticed when it comes to improving reading skills many people prefer to read stories and novels… mostly fictions. So why not to read and record only stories? Yes, you have heard it right. In this forum, I would l

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Words in WRITTEN ENGLISH are made up of LETTERS. However, in SPOKEN ENGLISH we use small units of individual SOUNDS (called PHONEMES) to form SPOKEN WORDS.

1. These are the LETTERS that we use in WRITING to form the WRITTEN WORDS.


2. These are the SOUN

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There are a few reasons why it's difficult to pronounce the words in English. One of them is because some  LETTERS are MULTI-VALUED. A MULTI-VALUED letter is a LETTER that makes more than one SOUND. Did you know that, for example, the LETTER "A" coul

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