Are you thinking of sharing your voice recording here at the "English Pronunciation" group or anywhere else at our English Club, but DON'T KNOW how to do it? Don't worry! The following should help you to get it done.

1. Go to CHIRBIT voice RECORDING and SHARING website and create a FREE ACCOUNT.


2. Sign In to go to your profile. You'll see the following buttonsClick the button "Record".  3387779377?profile=RESIZE_710x3. Click the button "Allow" to let Chirbit  access to your microphone

3387791621?profile=RESIZE_710x4.You'll be able to see the voice recoder now. 
3387797811?profile=RESIZE_710x... Press the RED button to START your recording. [You can record up to 5 minutes]    
... Press the STOP button to END your recording.
... Press the PLAY button to LISTEN to your voice recording.
... If you are not happy with your recording, you can start all over AGAIN.
... You can record as many times as you want until you are satisfied.  

5. Type out a Title, the Tags and choose "Type of recording" for your audio from the list. Finally, press "Submit".   3387818076?profile=RESIZE_710x6. Now, you need to get the "embed code" of your audio player to post it here at our group.   
... Click the "SHARE" button below your audio player there (shown here by my RED Arrow). This will display another set of buttons below it. Then, click the " </> " button shown by my BLUE Arrow to see the "embed code".
3387892361?profile=RESIZE_710x7. The "embed code" is in the box shown by my RED Arrow. Copy the "embed code" and come here to the group.
3387899265?profile=RESIZE_710x8. Click the "Media" button (shown by my BLUE Arrow) found on the TOOL BAR of your COMMENT BOX
... PASTE the "embed code" in the box shown by my RED Arrow and click the "Ok" button.  
9. That's it! You will see your AUDIO PLAYER. Now, anyone can PLAY the AUDIO and LISTEN to your RECORDING

                                                                 Here's the Chirbit AUDIO PLAYER with my VOICE RECORDING
                                                                                                                          Check this out on Chirbit

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