Story Reading/continuing and Recording.

Hello, Gabriel and Ec members!
 I have noticed when it comes to improving reading skills many people prefer to read stories and novels… mostly fictions. So why not to read and record only stories? Yes, you have heard it right. In this forum, I would like to invite EC members to read the story and record their voice. A story can be SHORT STORY or any MODERATE-SIZED STORY  or any NOVEL. I believe, starting with short and moderate-sized stories would be convenient for all of us.

How to read the story?
1. Select any story which you want to read.
2. Read a few lines or a paragraph or more than one paragraph and record it and post here.
4. Another member who wishes to continue to read the same story should listen to it and leave a comment expressing their interest.
5. After leaving a comment another member will then continue the story reading, will record and post it. (This will be continued until we reach the end of the story).
6. I hope it will be so interesting and great experience to listen to the same story in different voices.


Kindly make sure when you record your story you give proper title while recording, for an example, THE AlCHEMIST PART 1,  another member will keep the title THE ALCHEMIST PART 2 and so on.

Now the question is the availability of the same story for all the members. All EC members’ suggestion will be taken on which book to read. Once the decision is taken (by all or majority of members) that book will be uploaded here by any member who is having that book in PDF format.

Here is the link of the free file hosting website where you can store and share the files up to 5GB.

The one who wants to share a storybook can upload it on the above website and share the link in the forum itself.
To upload and share the book follow below given steps:
1. Open
2. Click on upload file

3. Browse to select the file to be uploaded.

4. wait until it gets uploaded and a sharable link is created.
5. To share the link click one link option given in the comment box of the EC copy the link which is created in file dropper as shown below and paste it.

6. To directly embed the file in, copy the embed code given in file dropper, click on media(here in ec comment box) and paste it.



Those who want to read this book can simply click on the link and download into their mobile or computer.

The Alchemist



Here I am sharing “The Alchemist” just for your reference so that u can understand how to share and download the book.

 Any suggestion, comment and feedback are most welcome. I hope people would like to participate and make this group active.

P.S. Please excuse me for my bad writing :/


Those who do not know how to record their voice and post here, click on the link given below.


Thank you :)



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  • It was a great idea, Indeed. I'm a new member here and not familiar with what's going on here, but I will try to comprehend and participate whenever possible. You guys are good at English. I'm a beginner and looking for advice on how to improve my writing and speaking. I'm weak in memorizing vocabulary and don't know how to use it properly. 

  • Yes, I'm indeed very happy and excited to see this great activity from SNR. Hope many members of MyEC take this opportunity to their advantage! 

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  • Hi, SNR! First I must CONGRATULATE you for coming up with such GREAT IDEA. You deserve a round of applause! There's no doubt this activity will be beneficial to our Club/Group members. They can polish their READING and LISTENING skills here. What makes it interesting is they can let the world listen to them. That's awesome! All they have to do is simply follow your INSTRUCTIONS given above. It's that easy! I'm really impressed how you have formulated the post. You have touched on everything that is needed to make it easy for the participants. Well done, SNR! 

    By the way, post a short blog about this READING ACTIVITY if possible. That will take the news to many others who are not a member of the "ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION" Group.

    • Hello Gabriel! 

      Happy to see your comment. I will post a blog when I get free time. 

      Please do recommend some books/ novels in order to start this activity. 

      Your feedback is valuable for me. :))

      It would be great if some good readers like you, Olga, Rose , Gorki and Mayumi take an initiative and start reading and recording. 


  • Such a great idea, dear SNR!!!! Let's see who else will support us )) Gabriel must be happy for encouraging so many people.

    • Hello dear Olga!

      I am glad you liked my idea. Gabriel is  peach. Indeed, he does support and motivate all the members. We need people like Gabriel here to keep this site alive. 

      We need support of other members too to make this activity possible.

      Hoping for the best. :) 

      Thanks a lot dear for backing up my idea. :))

    • Yes, I'm indeed very happy and excited to see this great activity from SNR. Hope many members of MyEC take this opportunity to their advantage!  

  • Eagerly !

    • Thanks, Dakane for expressing your interest in this activity. I hope u will not hesitate to participate. 


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