There has never been a time when people could communicate and express themselves as instantly and as much as they can now. It's hard to believe, but there was a time when communicating meant we had to WRITE LETTERS!

I've always liked writing. I like the feeling of having a nice pen in my hand. It feels like I'm creating something when I put pen to paper, even if it is just a doodle of a flower or a note that says, "If you ever park in my spot again, I will have your ass towed." It's a nice feeling.

When you physically write something down you're forced to take time to actually think about what you're writing. We don't really do that anymore. Now we just press buttons. We're so spoiled.

Now everything is electronic and instantaneous. We e-mail, we text, we Facebook, we Twitter, Skype, instant message, blog, dance interpretively on YouTube... And whatever we do say has to be short because our attention spans are now about nine seconds long. We can only read up to 140 characters at any given time before we're on to the next thing...


What was I saying?

Oh yeah, we lose focus, have no attention span, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah.


Some Vocabulary Notes:

Instantly - Immediately; at once.

Doodle - To draw mindlessly.

Attention span - The interval during which a person
can concentrate, as on a single object, idea, or activity.

This is part of a chapter from the book 'Seriously, I'm kidding' by Ellen DeGeneres.
Needless to say it's hilarious! :)

I wanted to share it here also because I find a very good habit to improve the language reading.
And you know me guys: having fun + learning is the 'mixture' I love.
I hope you can also enjoy reading!

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  • Hahaha... MARY. You give a good name for A7, I thought a deep before realizing it. Lol.

    I liked dance, MARY but now I don't like. :D Oh, I feel already 100 years old. :D
  • Yeah, right;]

  • Aseventhreeeighta, I did nothing! I'm an innocent lady cat... purr purr purr :3

  • By the way, I saw what you did there. You're trying to 'interpret' my nick? Cute:)
  • Hiya, no sweat.
    I know right? You just need to write your name in the air with your butt. Boom! You're dancing!
  • Hey Aseventhreeeighta! Thanks for you more accurate definition for 'dancing interpretively' on Youtube. I was more like describing what I do when I watch videoclips :D

    Onee-chan! How is that you don't like to dance! :(

  • Okie doke, good to know:)

  • Oh, A7,,fortunately I'm not one of them who like to do that. Lol. .
  • Dear Onee-chan,

    interpretive dance is a sort of modern dance in which the dancer's movements tell a story or depict (his/her) emotions.

    Anyway, whatever it is, don't forget one thing; You know what they say: Dance like no one's watching;) Good day to all.

  • Ohhh!!! Onee-chan!!! How can you be so sweet and awesome!! Thank you for that handwriting note!! I love it!! ^_^

    "our attention spans are now about nine seconds long" --> this means that we just can keep our attention around 9 seconds. After that, we lose 'focus'... This is something that happens very often now, since we are checking several things at the same time in the internet :)

    "dance interpretively on YouTube" --> Means that when we play music on Youtube, we can't help but singing out loud as if we were in a karaoke :D

    Onee-chan, again, thank you very much for your 'note'. I hope you keep handwriting! Have a perfect week! :)

    Behrad, glad to see you around again :)
    It's very cool what you say! haha...
    Keep writing!
    Thanks for dropping by!

    setareh! Thank you so much! :)

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