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Using a Kindle to improve English

Improve your reading and English with a Kindle


I love reading.  I love to read physical books but also to read electronic books or ebooks.  To read an ebook, you need a device since the words are not printed on paper but designed to be read on an electronic device.  The one I am most familiar with because I use it is the Kindle from Amazon.  Other e-readers may have similar features.

So how can a Kindle help you improve your reading and your English?

When you are reading, you don’t want to stop ev

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Once, SNR suggested to read a story or parts of books, to report and to post it here.

As far as I could see, no one took part in this challenge, until now, I'll try to be the first one.
I couldn't use the tool That SNR had suggested for voice recording because it isn't available here for me, but I recorded my voice on youtube.
I hope you can open the link.

I read the first chapter of the book "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett".

Here is the link and the text:

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What I read this Month

Hello Guys,

How are you all? The days are short during the whole year from my point of view but when it comes to this holy month "Ramadan", the duration of the days are perceived or sensed very long owing to the headache, hunger or the lack of concentration on something. To this aim, it is really being to difficult for me to read the books I intend to read during this month. 

Anyway, do you love reading? Do you have a target for whole year within the scope of reading or do you count how many pages

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