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Have you hesitated in applying to a foreign college because of the language barrier? Found yourself lost in a meeting with people coming from different countries? If yes, then you are not alone.

The language barrier often causes a disconnect between people. Additionally, it is intimidating for people visiting a foreign country, so much so that they are embarrassed by interacting with people who use different languages.

The key to good communication is getting a stronghold in the native language. H

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I can write in your language.


Dear friends. 

I tried to write in your language. 

I used google translator so might not be error-free, never mind.

Here some quiz for you:

  1. Which language took a long time to write?
  2. Which language makes me feel that I am doing math?
  3. Which language was very hard to write? 
  4. For which language I had to make many circles?
  5. Which language looks very eye-catching?
  6. which language did you like?
  7. Which language is easier to right do you think?  

However, if I skipped your language please comment I will update.



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Learning a language requires a lot of motivation. What can motivate you more than love? That beautiful thing called love. 

Some are fortunate to have partners that are native English speakers, and today is also common that you are married to a person who is a native English speaker.

At first, you talk with your partner, mainly in English, except if you are fortunate that he or she speaks your native language. Often misplaced verbs or not so good use of adjectives aren't that much of a problem. Bu

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