Twinkle Twinkle Indian Desi Styles

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Nursery rhyme twinkle twinkle little star

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  • Bro, try downloading direct from YouTube.

    Let me know if it doesn't work. Thanks, and LOL. do record your Pakistani version if you can. :D

  • She is our funniest aunt. :P :D

  • hahaha..!

  • haha... I still can not stop laughing right now. Yes she is very talented indeed.

    "dwingkele dwingkele littele starru! Howaai wonderree wattyuarreee.."

  • @ Stephen A

    Lol... why did you delete your version of the song? In fact, I liked it :-)


  • @ Stephen A

    Lol...! I like your sense of humour very much. The singer is truly a talented lady.

    By the way, you would be surprised to hear that I could mimic the first version from her several variant forms of the song, 'Twinkle Twinkle Litttle Star'. Because that is my mother tongue, Tamil ;-)

    Okay, sing with me Stephen: 'Twinkalu Twinkalu Littlelu Starru! Howai wonderuu whattuju aarrru!"


    @ Rajesh

    Thank you, bro! You made me piss myself laughing by posting this video!




  • lol !

  • :D

  • LOL!

  • Hey,

    Just now I can understand about your childhood... hahaha.. you must have dreamed about nightmare, haven't you? ..LOL... poor you kid! :D:D

This reply was deleted.
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