Irregular Verbs

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Learn to form and pronounce correctly the common irregular verbs with the help of this video. You will find the list very useful!

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  • This is a nice presentation that EC learners can refer to in case they are not familiar with proper pronouncing of irregular verbs. Thanks for sharing, Gabriel!

    : )

  • Hello Mhd. Ahmed!

    Well, I found at my page that you've clicked the button "Like" here! Thank you for watching the video "Irregular Verbs". Did you check my other videos! (Regular Verbs - ending 'ed' and their three different sounds, Present Perfect & Phonemic Chart - all 44 speech sounds used in spoken English) I'm sure they may come useful in your quest to improve your English Language proficiency. Don't hestitate to pay a visit to my page and check them out at my mini video "gallery"! Have a pleasant week ahead, my friend!


    ~ GS ~

  • Galina! 

    Well, you know, I was in a similar predicament once; highly influenced by my mother tongueTamil! This is a universal problem among non-native speakers of English that needs individual effort! Thank you for sharing the experience! 


    ~ GS ~

  • Gabriel, you are absolutely right about the mistakes. Only yesterday my students wrote 'keeped' instead of 'kept' and 'standed' instead of 'stood'. I think it's a really helpful video.

  • Hi Galina! 

    I’m all with you on this one!  There is no doubt about the usefulness of this video. A learner of English sometimes may write the past simple and past participle form of an irregular verb in mistake for the regular verb pattern, i.e. adding ‘ed’ at the end of the irregular verb.

    For example… 

    1. The greengrocer catched the boy stealing mangoes.

           * He’s unaware that the past simple form is “caught”. 

    2. I’ve showed you my girlfriend’s photograph, haven’t I?    

           * The past participle of “show” is “shown”. 

    Hope our club members will make good use this video. Have a good week ahead, Galina!


    ~ GS ~

  • Gabriel, thanks for the list of irregular verbs. It's great that we can not only see the written form of the verb but hear the pronunciation of it. It's extremely helpful! Thanks for sharing...

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