Rap Song about irregular Verbs II - learn English the fun way - have the irregular verbs memorized!

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Are irregular verbs in English causing you confusion and frustration? Do you struggle to remember which verbs change form in the past tense, and which ones d...

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  • Yo, listen up. Let me tell you something new
    About the irregular verbs in English
    It's true they don't follow the rules they do their own thing
    But don't worry, I'm here to help you sing
    First up we've got GO, it's a key one.
    Past tense is went not goed, that's no fun
    Next, EAT is irregular too. Ate is the past tense
    Don't say eated whatever you do
    Then there's SEE it's a common one
    Saw is the past tense don't say seed
    TAKE is another, irregular as can be
    Took is the past tense now you see
    I've got more verbs to share...

    to be completed. Anyone?

  • This is fantastic! Can you add the lyrics? Can anybody write the words?

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