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Photo Challenge: Look Up

Hi everyone,You may have noticed that people nowadays like to look down at their mobile phones here and there, for example. I would like to invite you to join this challenge to remind each other to look up sometimes! There are so much to capture when we go outdoors, such as clouds, birds, trees, buildings, etc. Use the title "Photo Challenge: Look Up". You may like to tell us about some information about the scene, and each photo must be your own photo.------------------------------------------------------------This was taken when I was on the way to my classmate's guava farm, where it is a rural county that can be found so many fruit farms along the country roads. Thanks to the sunny day, I could run across "the poodle".I hope you all to have a good day and look forward to seeing your participation.
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  • @ Serence  Thank you!

    @ Onee-chan  arigato gozaimashita  Are you keeping to study Japanese? I will go to my Japanese class tonight! ishoni bengi shimashou! It's ok! Let's wait or you may like to join the one below, which is one of my favorite challenges- Art Project. Any of other previous challenges are available to join.  Thank you, lovely Onee-chan.

    Art Project

    Picturing Words

    @ Masgareng   It's the same way as you uploaded before, only name the title of the photo " Photo Challenge:Look Up"  Join us anytime! :)

    Photo Challenge #22: Art Project
    Molly Berry, a blogger, who shared an article about drawing faces and images with plants inspired us to create the challenge. I am fascinated with wh…
  • How to joint of challenge? Where i have to post the photos?
  • づてき challenge、Grace. あなたのしゃしんはつごいです。ごめんなさい、I may not join the challenge,  I found no good picture in my old photos for the topic nor I could get a chance to take beautiful pic outside. :(

    Thanks for the challenge, Grace. You really makes photo section so alive. Another great mod!  ^_^

  • So nice.

  • Hello Eva! Yes, I also do the same sometimes wherever I am on the bus or train. There are not only the view outside of the window that could be found out, but people interaction inside the car is also interesting to see. Never lose our curiosity! I am glad that you have shared the two look up photos that might inspire other members to discover something always around us only we may not make time to look at. Please share whenever you come across a good one. Thank you, Eva.

  • @ MARY   That's great if you could join in.  LOL.. maybe that cloud has been displayed here too long to be the same shape. On that day, it later changed into other shape below. I think it become a whale. It's so fun to observe clouds in the sky.  Thank you for the lovely comment, and hope to see you soon. :) 


  • Aww what a cool picture and challenge Grace! I LOVE it! ^_^

    I don't upload pictures very often, but it's so cool challenge that I'll think about it! Thanks a lot! ^_^

    Btw I can't see any poodle in that cloud, but it's a very interesting shape! :)

  • @ AG  LOL  I hope not! It would be better to post a suitable view outside of the house. :D  

    Count you in! Thank you!

  • WOW Grace,

    It's a very nice idea really :D 

    Shall I capture the photo of my ceiling now :D OK.. OK.. I will think about it and then I will come back again with my participation ;) 

    Keep it up, Grace :) 

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  • @ Kal   I am glad you will be in too! Thanks! :)

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