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A Shoe flower

A kind of Hibiscus
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  • So beautiful flower!

  • How cool to see the beautiful flower!

  • Dear Robbie,

    How nice to see your comment.Really I wasn't known it.You have given a good news.It will so helpful for us.Thank you so much little brother.

  • Dear AG,

    Thanks a lot for the comment.Appreciate it.

  • What a great shot, Kal! We consider this type of ornamental plant as a medicinal one. Did you know we could use its leaves to cure wounds and other skin diseases? Thank you for sharing your photo! :)

  • Nice one :)

  • Loving Adeline,

    Many thanks my dear sweet sis.

  • Loving Nanny,

    Thank you so much for your kindly comment my friend.I know you will  make a beautiful creation.It's my pleasure and honour for me dear.

  • Beautiful!

  • Dear Shadow,

    Many thanks you too dear,But I'm sorry.I really don't know why called it shoe flower.It is a type of Hibiscus.But famous name of it shoe flower than Hibiscus.I have seen different type of Hibiscus flowers.But,that each every flowers called shoe flowers.

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