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Narrow street in Trogir (Croatia)

Narrow street in Trogir (Croatia)
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  • Luci, I would like to walk in this place. I always feel strange and nice when I visit old places like this. It is like I am automatically transported to the old age. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Cool! I like this kind of streets. There are some very similar in my city as well.

    Very nice pic, thanks for sharing! :)

  • Yes, I will. I am going to set an appropriate day for it. Souika is such an immense maze-like old street overlooking multiple openings, once you get in, you will experience an adventure in an old world full of surprises.

  • Bill :) thanx ...ecactly, how I meant it - this filter gives impression of sth old and I just like it in this picture ..ok ok...won't praise myself that much...btw why not to explore your city with camera and take pictures of such narrow streets? :) I am waiting...
  • AG...sorry to hear that and I wish u would go there soon and war would be over :( hope not a dream...
  • NotAClue..thanx and as for filter I just find it more historical like this ;)
  • Nice framing, brilliant capture and appropriate filter that gives us an impression that this picture is apparently old. This narrow passageway reminds me chiefly of the ancient Ottoman district situated in Constantine "the city I live in" known as "Souika" it is some sort of labyrinth of the ancient city in Constantine that have multiple passages. 

  • Damascus City is full of such lanes.. I miss it so much :( 

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