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Cactus fruit

Here is the cactus fruit that I have promised to show you my friends :)
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  •   Thanks Onee :) 

  • Sweet like an ice cream? :)))

    I can't believe that this is edible. Thank you so much for sharing, dear Rosemary. :)

  • Thank you, Rosemary and Olga! :)

  •   Olga  you have tasted  it :) that's  great  

          Dara  u are right  it is used for  hair and skin beauty  but not this type because  , it is full of many  thistles  


  • Koyis ya Rosemary! Some people use it for the richness of their hair. Thanks for sharing.

  •    Hhhhhh that's close to reality Roman  , I was thinking  how can I describe the taste is found ice cream  is the nearest  thing  . Have a nice time :) 

  • Natural ice cream, cool!

    It would be good to taste it one day!

    Thank you, Rosemary! :)

  •   Roman and Janeth  it taste sweet and have big round and hard seeds in it . People like to cool it in the refrigerator  before  eating them :) and it's  juicy as well  I can say it's taste  like a natural  ice cream :)

  • Oh my!

    I've just recalled that I saw it some time ago. But I didn't know, it was a fruit :D

    Okay, how does it taste? What is it's consistence?

    Thank you for sharing, Rosemary! :)

  • I didn't know about that cactus fruit Rosemary!  I bet it is difficult to peel!  How about the taste? It must be delicious.

    Thanks for sharing!

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