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Twilight remind us to go home whenever it comes.From dusk I learn about sincerity, because they will disappear and be switched by the night. Even though they show up only in the short term, but its beauty always brings peaceful in our mind and soul.
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  • Hi Rose,

    Thank you for leaving a nice comment on my photo. Yes it was. Event though only for awhile the twilight accompanies us as the sign that night will come soon, but its beauty and peace can remain for long term in our soul. And it can also be hint that there are always new hopes for day after as the day will end immediately.    

  • What a beautiful view.

    There is anything else than peace in the air. It is the hope for another better day.

  • Hi Onee my compatriot friend,

    It was so amazing, the view of that lake when dusk came so beautiful. The words below the photo only my thought that fortunately matched with that condition at that time. You can eat "ïkan bakar segar" there hehehe....

    Have a wonderful week Onee. I thank you for stopping by and leaving comment on my photo as well as the greeting of Eid Adha.  

  • Hi Fizzy,

    It was a beautiful moment to capture its beauty of twilight. It was taken by my camera phone. Actually I took it many times and chose the best of the photos before I posted here. Thank you for liking my photo. Have a good week.   

  • Hi Roman, 

    Thank you for admiring my photo. Yes, you are absolutely right. The water looked silver at that time, the sky lil bit colored red. In additional you can eat fresh fishes there. It is not as your saying, unfortunately when I was there I was not bitten by mosquitoes hahaha...But for frogs I guess so, because it is the habitat of frogs to stay. Have a great week. 


  • Hi Olga,

    Yes the water was so calm, only small waves there. It was a lake that was used to generate electricity and there has a restaurant with the beautiful view of that lake. Thank you for leaving my photo. Have a good week. 

  • Hi Ella,

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment on my picture. Have a wonderful week!!

  • Hi Dara,

    Apa kabar Dara? When I took this photo, I spent to have dinner with my big family. The place was nearby lake. Thank you for appreciating my photo. Have a nice week!!

  • Hi  Rosemary,

    To be honest the beauty of twilight at that time bewitched me much. It drove me to capture its beauty. Coincidentally the words that I made were suitable with the meaning of twilight. It just comes for awhile to end the day before evening comes. By the way thank you for liking my photo. Have a good week!! 

  • Amazing sky! I like this view, Icha! I agree when you call it 'peace', indeed.

    Thank you for sharing. Glad to see you again. :)

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