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Talkative flowers!

When I see this picture, it seems to me that those flowers are talking to each other! One of the them has its "mouth" open and the other one is listening to carefully....Maybe they are speaking about the refreshing spring, or the soft rain or about that dazzling ray of light that is hitting the grass near them. Who can speak about anything!
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  • Looks like an open mouth. Yes, talk active... :D

  • I agree with you Robbie!  Our world would be really more fun to live with that kind of flowers, cute tiny creatures like Rollo and without wee aliens....

    Those facts related to flowers are quite impressive!!! I am delighted with them, I did not know that. As I said before: you are drawn to Biology like a moth to a flame!  Nature is so wise!  

    Yes, those flowers are a kind of orchids.  The orchid is the national flower of my country (see the picture).2602263335?profile=originalThis one is called "Brassavola digbyana", it is a native orquid!

    Thank you for your comment on my photo!  Have a great day!

  • @ Olga

    Those are cutie flowers! If I have a friend who is down in the dumps and receive those flowers, they might cheer him up. :)

  • Our planet would be more fun to live with if plants can speak, Janet! :) Plants usually communicate with each other by releasing chemicals to the air when they are being attacked by other plants or insects. But what's remarkable is that they can also interact using their roots when they are in dire need of water and other plants would come to the rescue. :)

    By the way, are those flowers a variety of orchids? May I know what kind that is, please? 

  • :D Well, for me it looks like a fly. 

  • I knew it Roman!  You knew what they were talking about! By the way, how do you know it is a fly? It looks like a bettle....

  • Janeth,

    Thank you! :)

    But I can't write here what they are talking about. Because the upper flower swears, being angry at that fly. And the lower flower can't stop laughing :D

  • Roman, I agree with almost reach the top (LOL).  You have a gift of making others laugh. Keep it up!!  And see those wonderful Olga's flowers...what are they talking about?

    Have a enjoyable day!

  • Hi Olga!!!  Thank you so much for your comment, I appreciate it!   And thanks for let me know about those fantastic flowers in Russia.  It is so interesting what you said about them: the name, shape, the experience you had during your childhood!  (many nice memories indeed!!!).  The picture is stunning and colorful!.   As I said before, flowers can do everything: talk, bark an so on!!

    By the way I am sure Roman will find out a dialogue for those flowers as well!!

    Have a nice day Olga!!

  • Oh, is there a scale of the feel of humor? :)

    Then I am going to reach to the top! :D

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