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Round 24: It is an object

Hi friends,

My word is an object.

“Please, ask me yes/no questions and each time ask one question.

Hope you enjoy the game.


It is portable.

It is soft.

It is used as a tool for a challenge signal.

You can buy it easily from Brazil.

The puzzle was solve

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My Word is a Clothing Item


It is an item of clothing.

Please ask yes/no questions.

Please include an item of clothing in any of your questions, if you ask questions without mentioning a clothing item, it won’t be answered.  The purpose of this game is to learn lots of clothing

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6. Let's talk about fruits

Hi friends,

Let's talk about fruits. If you like, please answer one, two or all the following questions;

1. What are expensive fruits in your country?

2. What are cheap fruits in your country?

3. What are more beautiful fruits to you?

4. What is your favo

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