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blonde or black

Do you prefer blonde or black hair?
I noticed that many people like the blonde hair, and the blonde women too. I do not know about the reason. It could be that kind of hair which looks like the color of the sun.

The sun gives us the light and it is ver

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Tea / Coffee

Which is better, tea or coffee? The talk about tea and coffee will never stop. Just the other day, I took my wife to the hospital and Dr Zainab told her to stop drinking coffee and cappuccino, too. After analyzing her blood, the doctor discovered tha

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Pepsi - Cola


Do you prefer Pepsi or Coca-cola?  

I have been drinking Pepsi Cola and Coca-cola for many years. Both drinks are brown, fizzy and sweet. They have bubbles. I do not know whether they are produced by one company or different companies? My brother in

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Good luck

Sometimes, they say, you need it. Do you believe in good luck? What do we mean by luck? Is it our overall circumstances or conditions in life including everything that happens to us? Is it a fortune or fate?

Can we count on it? Or shall we work hard a

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Valentine's Day

Do you believe in Valentine's Day? Mod. Robbie talked about it on his last blog, but what is the love story behind that Saint, and was his name a pseudonym? The fourteenth of February, what does it have to do with his martyrdom? I am confused with th

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Chinese New Year

A few hours ago, we celebrated The New Year, 2018 and our Independence Day. We usually take our families to parks or huge places where people gather to enjoy themselves. My question, why don't we celebrate the Chinese New Year? They are more than a b

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Is it  necessary to be frank  and straightforward  with anyone? For instance, if someone asks you about your salary, about your wife's cooking or manners, will you answer that guy frankly. In cases of witnessing crimes or watching other situations, i

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the person of the year


Who is the person of 2017?  

Could it be Teresa May? Donald Trump, or Rajab Tayyip Erdogan? They are many important men and women who served and presented good work for their societies. They are the unknown soldiers. Unlike other prominent figures li

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