Chinese New Year

A few hours ago, we celebrated The New Year, 2018 and our Independence Day. We usually take our families to parks or huge places where people gather to enjoy themselves. My question, why don't we celebrate the Chinese New Year? They are more than a billion and a half. They could be about more than 20% of the world. populations. 

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  • Suasdee Jirakaren! Wela nan, khun khung chan! Where have you been? My condolences. I have heard that your mom passed out some time ago. May God have mercy on her soul. I agree with you, it depends on the culture of the nations. Thanks for your comment.

  • depends on culture  and amazing festival, thanks for sharing.

  • Jika saya katakan, anda tidak akan mempercayainiya. I just want a lot of holidays during the season. Unfortunately, our independence day and the new year are at the same time. We have only one day off. If we celebrate the Chinese new year, that makes it two days off, instead of one. Thanks Andy for your comment.     

  • Good idea anyway, in Indonesia we have one public holiday to celebrate Chinese New Year.
  • Xie xie George Lee! Zoo da hao! I really appreciate your valuable information. It was just a thought, why not celebrate the Chinese New Year? The people represent more than thirty percent of the world populations. Thanks for that story about the demon of China. 

  • A legend has it that once upon the time, there was a demon call "Nin". Pronounced same as "Year" in Chinese language. This demon brings devastations to villages and people. With unity and determination, the people successfully drive away this demon. For this, people rejoiced and say blessing on this day wishing all the best in the coming year.

    Every nation, tribe, etc. has its own culture. If you are not in or not familiar with that particular culture, you have no feeling about it, you have no passion in it. Above all, the government might need to give people a public holiday for them to cerebrate it. Without this public holiday, it cannot be promoted. How can you ask a Christian country, or a Muslim country or a Hindu country to cerebrate a Chinese New Year?

  • Thanks Evangelina for pressing the like button.

  • Khaili mumnoon Muhammad. China and India have the biggest populations of the world. Can we celebrate their new year? Thanks Muhammed for your comment.

  • Lay lam Tek April, I was mistaken. I thought that you celebrate the same  Christmas New York. Thanks April.

  • Cam on April. I am glad that you and China have the same habits and traditions. Thanks for the valuable information about Chinese New Year.

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