It is about those who use their left hands or their left feet. I see that some left-handers can be very talented and smart. Some people are both righties and lefties at the same time. Those who use their left hands or feet have more force in using them. For instance, shooting a ball. The percentage of the lefties is not that big compared to the dominant one of the righties. I wonder if anyone can give more light to this discussion. Thanks for your participation.  

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  • I think. lefties or righties is same. the differences just in using the hand. I think there are no special talent. everybody has special way and special character. but it (lefties/righties) doesn't make some one more powerfull/less power.

    I think that's about the lefties according to my opinion

  • My son is a left hander and is very talented in painting, but rather poor in English. :)
  • Mr. Dara,

    This is interesting reading, if you would like to know more;

    Nurture versus Nature: Long-Term Impact of Forced Right-Handedness on Structure of Pericentral Cortex and Basal Ganglia


    Nurture versus Nature: Long-Term Impact of Forced Right-Handedness on Structure of Pericentral Cort…
    Does a conflict between inborn motor preferences and educational standards during childhood impact the structure of the adult human brain? To examine…
  • Scientifically, lefties have a tendency better at multitasking ability. Being left-handed makes their brain is forced to think twice faster. Some lefties also memorize better but prone to migraine. 

  • It is generally considered that the left part of the human brain controls the right half of the human body and the right part of the human brain controls the left half of the human body. And I hear that the right part of the human brain is mainly related to imagination and creativity, and the left part of it is mainly related to language ability and logical thinking. So I thought we might think that using the left hand well meant a well-developed right brain, that is, well-developed imagination and creativity. However it may not be correct.

    It seems to be fact that the left part of the human brain works actively when we think logically and calculate, and the right part of it does when we appreciate works of art, but even at such time, the other part of it works. Science hasn't proved the difference of the role between the right and left part of human brain yet.

  • Khaili mumnoon Muhammad. Lol! I am afraid of you. If you get angry you can close that left eye and aim with the right one. Thanks for these valuable information. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Dear Dara, 

    This is not just about left hand or foot! it's about one side of your body that is more powerful than the other.

    Actually, I'm a righty! 

    For instance, my right eye is dominant! so, when I'm going to shoot with guns, I close my left eye and then I mark my target just by my right eye!


    Note: With both eyes open, look through the triangle and center something such as a doorknob in the triangle. Close your left eye. If the object remains in view, you are right eye dominant. If closing your right eye keeps the object in view, you are left eye dominant. (^_^)

  • Danyavaad Rajvir!thanks for pressing the like button.

  • Thanks, A738a for  that expressive picture. I hope to be one of your friends.

  • Tentu saja, Dimi! Tuhan itu hebat. He gave both hands and He already knows why. God is the best. If we worship Him perfectly, we will never lose our path in life. Thanks Dimi, I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks.

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