• Danyavaad  Rajvir Kaur! Please, when you reach your aunt extend my regards to her. If you reach her before January the first, you can celebrate the new year and Christmas too. Thanks for your nice wishes for the new year 2018.

  • Gamza hamnida Inha! Indeed, your diary is very busy for the coming new year 2018. You want to learn plenty of things and achieve many goals. I wish you luck. Thanks for your comment on the new year 2018.

  • I have too much expectations fom this upcoming year.. initially i would like to talk about one of my top expectation that is i hope that i'll definitely reached canada to my aunt's home..

  • I haven't set goals for 2018, yet. Today I bought new year's diary.

    I write some of things that I think to plan.

    1. saving money/ goal amount is secret to the public

    2. improvement of English/ I want practice to speaking more than before and

    3. completion of begginer level of Japanese/ I want to achieve up to the level to communicate for travel.

    4. travel with my father for summer vacation

    all are too much workload to achieve them for me as busy as a bee. That's it.

  • Xie xie Dragonfly879, I hope you find a good job, new friends and your life will be good. I hope you reach your goals, too. Thanks for those nice wishes for the new year 2018.

  • Kunichiwa Tam, I want the Japanese to win, too. I want Brazil to win. It is my favourite team. I am sorry Tam, if the final between Brazil and Japan, I shall be on the side of Brazil. I hope you wouldn't be upset. Thanks Tam for your comment. 

  • My expectatiaon is to find a new good job to have a different experience.Take more morning exercise to keep energetic and healthy.Find more friends to relax myself in my spare time.Read more books .                    Push myself to reach my goal .COME ON !!

  • My job going well, my and my family's health keeping good, and my English improving. And FIFA World Cup is held at June this year. Japanese team join it, so I want them to succeed.

  • Wow! My Goodness! Mod. Paula, what a pile of wishes. They are not difficult for God to fulfill them. One thing is certain about Mr. Essberger's comment. He was very conservative and smart at the same time. He said that it contained 365 days. I cannot remember exactly what he said, but the insinuation was very smart. I hope half of your wishes come true. Thanks, mod. Paula for the optimistic way. I really liked it.

  • Shookrun ya SNR! Thanks for your comment. Can I be one of your friends? Thanks.

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