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Do you prefer Pepsi or Coca-cola?  

I have been drinking Pepsi Cola and Coca-cola for many years. Both drinks are brown, fizzy and sweet. They have bubbles. I do not know whether they are produced by one company or different companies? My brother in law works with a Pepsi factory and he told me that most of the employees do not know about the secret mix of that drink. Does it affect the health? 

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  • I remember my doctor very seriously refrained me from drinking any kind of soda.  I had stomach and gut's problem.

  • pepsi cola and coca cola is not a natural drinks,  but all are here chemical one , many chemical  join together they send to sales , people new a   days like it very much but it is too injurious to health ,people dont know which is correct one , which is healthy food to our body , 

              so   we must prepare anyone drinks in our own method ,a lot of tenter coconut are avilable in the village side ,it is one of the best health drink 

  • I guess Coca-Cola is by far the most popular soda worldwide. And no doubt it is, with such sweet taste is addictive.
    That's why I try not to drink sodas at all. I'm not saying I'm a healthy lady because I'm not (I eat too much candies for my own well-being). But since I eat soooo much junk food and sweet things I prefer not to add sweet drinks to my already unhealthy diet.

  • I know about Pepsi and Coca cola, it's popular in my country. I have ever drink them many years ago. the taste is good. but I never drink it again for several years because it makes not good for my stomach. so today I never drink the kind of soft drink specially that contain of soda inside.

    luckily to you, because you still able to drink it. keep your health.

  • Hi

    I can't distinguish between the taste of Pepsi and Cola, but it is said that Pepsi is sweeter, has slightly more sugar, calories, and caffeine. Coke has slightly more sodium.
  • Muchas gracias Sandra Silva. Many members recommended this. I hope you drink juice and milk. They are healthy for a lovely lady like my friend, Sandra. Thanks again.

    • You are welcome, friend.

      I like juice and almond milk, because I'm vegetarian XD

      Have a nice day! :D

  • Hello Dara :)
    Sorry, but I do not like them! :P



  • Danyavaad Kavita Sharma! I have to abide by the advice of a beautiful young lady like Kavita. I will try to lessen taking them. I also like milkshake and Lassi. I even like "chatni". Thanks for your nice comment. 

    1. I usually don't prefer to take any kind of soft drinks though I do prefer lassi,juices and milk shakes .But these drinks are very famous here in my country. Most of the people prefer to have these drinks regularly and sometime it found that consumption of these drinks in excessively will effect once health badly so better to avoid if we can.
    2. Thanks
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