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September 28

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bishoobill replied to dara gino's discussion Modesty
" nice point to talk about and its represent us well as a sudanease people .. right dar gingo?"
May 18, 2019
bishoobill commented on ❀❤•❀Paula✿.•❤øº's blog post WORD OF THE DAY
"hi paula .. i like your idea ..
i'll be from the first followers .."
May 18, 2019
bishoobill replied to A738a's discussion What do you see?
"i saw batman is rising up but his robe had been cut seems like he just finished a battle"
May 18, 2019
bishoobill commented on Roman's blog post Should we say sorry?
"Oooh roman .. finally finish it .. amazing blog and words ..i felt like it touch my soul really or…"
May 18, 2019