Many people have problems with written English and it often seems to be a real challenge. Don't make yourself crazy though. These are the steps you can take to improve your written English.

1. Expand your vocabulary

Of course, you need a good active vocabulary to be able to express yourself. It is not enough just to know a lot of words - they also want to be used correctly. Do this by coming up with an example sentence for each vocabulary and learning it along with it.

Tip: When you learn a new word, try to learn all forms of this word and also frequently used prepositions in connection with this word. For example, instead of memorizing “depend”, you should write the following note: “to depend on, to be dependent on, a dependent”.

2. Master the English spelling

Spelling mistakes can change the meaning of an entire sentence. For example, “bare” and “bear” sound the same, but “bare” means naked and “bear” is a large, hairy animal. You also make it difficult for your recipient or your readers if they cannot decipher your text right away.

Tip: Practice English spelling with flash cards and test yourself in your free time.

3. Read regularly

It is often said that reading is one of the best ways to learn to write. But regular reading offers other advantages. You will get an insight into different writing styles and learn how to use certain words correctly.

Tip: Look for books whose subject areas you are interested in. You should never be bored with studying. Read through each text several times to understand expressions or unfamiliar words.

4. Improve your grammar

The grammar is an important part, because only with this you can improve the quality of your texts. Always use the correct tense and always use the correct punctuation marks. These are important in order to structure your texts and make them fluent.

Tip: Always read through your texts again. The first time you should look out for common mistakes. The second time, pay special attention to the grammar.

5. Just get started

Writing takes a lot of time. The best method is still to pick up a pen and just start writing on it. Do not worry if you need several attempts. Even professional writers first create drafts. Practice makes perfect. So, let's go!


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