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If an ill takes 3 tablets from a doctor and the doctor says to him that he must take 1 tablet, each 30 minutes; Then,
How much time will last that he takes all of them?

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We have 10 vases.


The first vase has 7 flowers.

The second one has 9 flowers.

The third and 4th have 8 flowers.

The 5th and 6th and 7th have 1 flower less than the second.

The 8th has 2 flowers less than the second.

The 9th has 1 flower less than 7th.


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Brilliant answer

A person arrested by a wild tribe. They let him to say a sentence, but they said that if his sentence was true they would burn him in boiling oil! And if it was wrong they would kill him by toxic dart!

The wise person answered brainy that leads to sav

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Puzzling Situations !

What is/was/had been/used to be/can be/could be/has been the most puzzling situation in your life ???!!!


Hmm... Let me think a little bit ...Can't choose ! Maybe to find what is THE MOST of sth in sth is the most puzzling for me ...For example if I a

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Find the words!

First of all ...It is a nice group ...I am so happy to be a member here ...Puzzles help mind stay fresh and young ...Anyway, here is my first puzzle in this group ...Let me try ...1- What is the beautiful word with a colorful cover that if you replac

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Quiz. Life in the UK.

I suggest you to refresh your knowledge of Great Britain.:)I. Which sports have the largest following in Britain?1)swimming, horse back riding and tennis2)volleyball, cricket, and squash3)golf, cricket and football4)football, rugby and cricketII. How

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