Need 4 liters

This is a simple puzzle. Hope everyone has heard about this before.But you should be able to explain your answer. So try it.There are two empty buckets. One can hold 5 liters of water and the other can hold 3 liters of water. How can you collect 4 liters of water into the first bucket.Note: You have an unlimited supply of water and initially the buckets are empty.

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  • We can do it in 6 stages. Let’s suppose that we have 3 buckets. I will write 3 numbers in every stage. The first number refers to the bucket that can hold 5 liters. The second number refers to the buckets that can hold 3 liters. And the third one refers to unlimited bucket.
    Now we have: 5,3,0
    Then we will have these stages:
    i) 5,0,3
    ii) 2,3,3
    iii) 2,0,6
    iv) 0,2,6
    v) 5,2,1
    vi) 4,3,1
    • Thanks Walid, Ensie and
      Sahar..You are brilliant.
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