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Learn English perfect manner

I Introduce A Website It Is Awesome And Fantastic Website To Develop Your English Ability.IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE WEBSITE .Which  Is Consist English Grammar Pictures, English Grammar Videos, English Quotes, The Secret To Success In English Language, Ti

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Practicing English

Everybody has their own methods to learn English. For the first time, I learn from songs. It is easier for me, cos it is a fun way. I learn vocabularies, grammar and idioms... and also pronounciation. Books gives me a lot of knowledge. The most diffi

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time of study

I can't to determined the time for English study , my day is very busy from work , family and my interested activety like watch TV and reading, could advice me how can I manage time day to continue for English study


thanks in Advance,


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New words

Hi again, Tanya! Can you please give me a little advise about remembering new words in english. Every day i meet about 10 new unknown words at least. I'm trying to learn theirs definition at once. But alas! For the next time reading a word i forgive

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