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  • Dear Tulip! I am so very sorry for not answering sooner! Unfortunately, I was very busy with my work and the students' song contest. I am just happy you are better now and surronded with those you love and those who love you. I have already lived through the best part of my life and I can tell you for sure: there is nothing more important than to know you are not alone. Please, get well soon!


  • Dear Tulip! So glad to hear from you! But we both are so very sorry you have health problems! We miss you badly!  Are your health problems serious? Can we help you? I am serious, if yes, just write me a private message. I'd like to tell you that many years ago I had a very serious health problem, but I survived thanks to love of my close people. They made me live and you have three kids! Anyway, I wish you to recover and these flowers are for you, dear!

    Корзина роз

  • Dear Tulip! I wish I could write and sing like George Strait! But if I did, I wouldn't be who and what I am. Fortunately, I am just a regular American guy and I am free to do whatever I like and free to love whoever I truly love. There are no producers or managers to tell me how to behave, what to wear, whom to live with. I am a master of my fate and of my life. And I am really happy I have invested at least something in sciense and education instead of becoming a rather mediocre singer. I think, everybody should find his right destination. If we manage to do it, we will be half way to peace of our minds

  • Dear Tulip! I've just seen your comment on Dan's page. He asked me to answer for him if you don't mind as he will not show up in the EC until after the weekend being very busy at work. Dan is neither an author or a singer of those songs on his page. Four of them have been written and sung by George Strait. One more, "Forever and Ever" is sung by Randy Travis. He is its author (see my discussions in Sing a Song group). Besides, Danny is a modest person. He would never place his songs on his profile. You can listen to the similiar music on my page or follow video links in all our discussions. Yesterday I posted a new discussion in Sing a Song group. I hope, you will like that singer and his songs. And thank you for your kind words. We both are always glad to help others improve English. That is why we are here.

  • Thanks for congratulations, dear! I sincerely think I don't deserve being a star member as I have just joined EC and simply kept the beaten track as my wife has been here for many years. She always gives me a hint about what may be interesting for others.

    The places where we live are just gorgeous. You should come here one day! You are more than welcome!

    My best regards to all your family and your lovely kids!

  • How lucky you are to have 3 kids! We don't have any!

  • Dear Tulip! Thanks for your kind comment! It is my pleasure to make ladies feel good!

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Tulip commented on Rovenskaya Olga's video
"How fast they are speaking! So hard for me to catch it"
Jun 24, 2019
Tulip commented on Vicki Hollett's video
"Great video. I m trying to imitate the pronounciation and the intonation."
Jun 24, 2019
Tulip left a comment for Danny Clark
"Thanks so much for the beautiful flower and your kindness. I stayed in my parent's house these days…"
May 18, 2019
Tulip left a comment for Danny Clark
"Hello Dan, Long time I didn't visit EC. I had to stay in hospital for somedays to take a rest. SO,…"
May 18, 2019
Tulip left a comment for Danny Clark
"I like to visit your page and listen to the song here. Are you the singer of all songs?"
May 18, 2019
Tulip left a comment for Tanya
"Hello, Tanya. When I read your and Dan's comments, I feel very happy. I do hope that you all help…"
May 18, 2019
Tulip replied to Tanya's discussion Cross My Heart - George Strait (Traditional Country) in Sing a song
"It's romantic song. Love it!"
May 18, 2019
Tulip left a comment for Danny Clark
"Danny... Congratulation for being a Star Member. You deserve to get the best one. Thanks so much…"
May 18, 2019