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Everybody has their own methods to learn English. For the first time, I learn from songs. It is easier for me, cos it is a fun way. I learn vocabularies, grammar and idioms... and also pronounciation. Books gives me a lot of knowledge. The most difficult for me to learn is speaking cos we must have a partner to practice. We can't do it alone. I am a housewife with 3 children, and 2 of them are kids, really so hard to find partner to practice cos of my bussiness taking care of them. My husband doesn't speak English. so for now... I try to practice with the children. In EC, I like to watch the videos and try to imitate how native speakers speak English. 

Do you have any sugesstion for me?

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  • I read your writing. so I want to suggest two method.

    The first,

    how about try use skype?

    You can talk with other peoples through SKYPE.

    I'm also used skype when I have to discussion with other country person.

    The second,

    You can also use kakaotalk.

    you have to download katalk app from appstore if you want to use that application.

    you can find me if you're search "jjeonghj" in the kakaltalk.

    And then you can contact me whenever you want to talk with me.

    I hope to meet you at the kakaotalk or skype.

    Have a nice day.

  • Thank you so much Tanya for the comment. I m really happy when I read it. I'll do your advice. I'll buy some grammar and English literature books. I read it when my baby is sleeping. It is an honour for me if I can chat with you and Dan in Skype even though I'll feel not confident to practice speaking. 

  • Dear Tulip! Welcome to my group! As I have already said in "Sing a Song" group, I wonder how you manage to get along with all that! I mean, 3 kids, a husband, housekeeping and EC! Your desire to speak good English is so right and more than welcomed. As I have already mentioned, it is  a very good idea to improve English singing songs and when you sing, your accent sounds very good as well as your voice. But  it is not enough to speak good language. First, you should know at least some grammar as you make a lot of mistakes when you write. Besides, you should read some English literature, modern fictions and watch some subtitled movies. And, of course, you should have some spoken practice with native speakers or those who are rather fluent in English.  Chatting is also very useful. I would be glad to talk to you from time to time on Skype but, you know, because of the time difference it is almost impossible as I have to do something around the house and pay some attention to my man when he comes back from work. But here, in EC there is a group "Skypers". It unites the people willing to talk on Skype. Just check it out. Besides, Dan and I will be glad to talk to you from time to time on weekend.

     My best wishes, dear!

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