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Let's practice SPEAKING 1

This is a part of a story ( Cinderella ) Please read it, listen (mp3 attached )  and try to repeat it like the narrator and finally put the result here. We can ask a native one to check them.

Thank you !

 Text :

Cinderella (or The Little Glass Slipper)


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Yalda night


December 21 - Iranians throughout the world will celebrate the longest night of the Iranian calendar year, yalda.


Wish all Iranians Yalda Night full of happiness and to all Christians in world a very Happy Christmas, ...

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Iranians will go to the polls in the country’s 11th presidential election on June 14.

Press TV

...Will you VOTE.JPG?width=100

Hassan Rohani has won Iran's 11th presidential election and became Iran’s new president (1392).images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQLxnkkdoX7PYVMexvkeKCqyVSa3nf9OO-Pk5fMhwpB8lQIHRyH

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If you're sad about being alone on Valentine's Day,just remember nobody loves you on any other day of the year either

This meant to calm you down....

what's your feeling right now?? I mean what do you think... ?


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really !!

chicken soup for the soul:


People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

Source unknown …


Hey guys ... :)

I donno what to say right now ... but i'm ready to hear your Ideas...I'm all ears ... so tell it .

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Nobody knows this little Rose—

It might a pilgrim be

Did I not take it from the ways

And lift it up to thee. Only a Bee will miss it—

Only a Butterfly, Hastening from far journey—

On its breast to lie—

Only a Bird will wonder—

Only a Breeze will sigh—

Ah Lit

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Veresk bridge

Veresk bridge


The Veresk bridge is a bridge in the north of Iran. The bridge was constructed mostly by Germans  by leadership of an Austrian engineer named Walter Inger, and is one of the masterpieces of the Danish engineering firm Kampsax, (consistin

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I'm Thirsty!

Yeah, I'm thirsty! But not feeling thirsty of drink. I'm feeling thirsty of LEARNING. How can I satisfy this kind of feeling? Do you have ideas of how to get benefit of the time we have to learn something new? Please, do share your ideas! They may he

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Three Days to See (III)


Three Days to See

by Helen Keller




        The next day - the second day of sight - I should arise with the dawn and see the thrilling miracle by which night is transformed into day. I should behold with awe the magnificent panorama of light with

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