Iranians will go to the polls in the country’s 11th presidential election on June 14.

Press TV

...Will you

Hassan Rohani has won Iran's 11th presidential election and became Iran’s new president (1392).

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  • Have you watched this video:



    and have a look at this page too:

    We can  :->


  • I meant the song of your Blue Finger in Election day when you put the vote in the vote box.
  • Khake Daliran!
    Please try...
    YOU CAN!
    • I have not yet found it!

      Yesterday I was listening to the old musics. I faced this song , saw these words in mood.

        Elahe, Yaran

      یاران به دست طوفان غارت نشیم نسوزیم
      برگها رو دونه دونه به شاخه ها بدوزیم

    • Oh!

      Please go on!

      You can!


  • I'd like to share the song  (khake Daliran) " این نه منم من ذره خاک وطنم... "

    I'd like to had its video here, but how much I searched I could not fine it! :(

  • How about this one:
    "Mahgol's Finger Song"
    • what you mean dear?!

  • Let's search for a nice song about election 1392 now!
  • English?!
    So his English was the golden key for him! :)
This reply was deleted.