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chicken soup for the soul:


People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

Source unknown …


Hey guys ... :)

I donno what to say right now ... but i'm ready to hear your Ideas...I'm all ears ... so tell it ... right now ...







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  • Thanks your hands dear Enigma!
    These are so great and helpful words for achieving dreams. I really like that others read it too, if you can write a blog about it in your free time, it would be great. EC members will found these words great and useful just like me surely.
  • so you're in control and you can change your feeling that instant the problem is we don't beilive we can change that fast and the 2nd problem is
      we have patterns of doing this, that way. we tend it like  on a regular basis focus on what overwhelms us or focus on
    what  we are upset within our souls or focus on why we failed in the past you keep fcus on thing you didn
    t succed guess what? you're gonna feel like a failiure  when feel like a failiure ,you're not goona take action  to make  things better
    you can't build on the past that doesn't work ,but you are gonna also focus on what you want and what you wanna creat you ca focus on the solution
    and when you got a problem but 95% of your time you spend on the solution 5% on the problem most spend of our time
    describing the problem more ,more,more, more detail we wanted it if we are overwhelmed. focus is the secret key
    to changing and you can do it in an instans and when you change you're focus  it's a change in you're language pattern
    see ,all day long we're thinking ,what thinking ,all day long you're asking and answering questions with yourself
    should  I do this? what does this mean ?why is this ? where is this going on?that's what initiat thinking is a question
    here the problem is we have pattern s of questions we ask that don't serve us, some of us ask question that how come
    these always happens to me ?well it doesn't always hppen to you .  how come I can't lose weight ,well you can lose weight
    but ask a lousy come i can't lose weight,your brain says cause you're big , you know come up with the better
    question for god sake, see questions direct us , question are forms of language ,and if you want to change your life ...

  • Great!
    Thanks Enigma!
    You remind me the book "secret".
    • u'r very wellcome ... i'm working to a tight schedule ... I didn't have time to read this again ...

      but ... about what you said ... yeah... exactly... it's like secret ...


  • the audio that I uploaded was 6 min ...i'll write it down for you but ... but as you it takes time so each time i'll write some part of it ... oh ... may contain so many mistakes esp in spelling ------ here is the second part of the tryout the second part is the pattern of focus and belief see whatever you focus on you're gonna feel whether it's true or not have you ever had an experience when sb did sth or thought sb did sth even better example youh hear you thought you thought that they did that to take advatage of you and as you focus on that you got angry or sad or hurt and then later on you found that you were dead wrong that they either never did i or it wasn't true or that wasn't your intend you felt bad about it or you felt embaressed how can that be? because what ever we focus on we feel whether it's true or not focus equal feeling just like your move effect your feeling see right now if I said to you what are you juiced about in your life what could you be excited about in your life if you really want to be excited right now what could be excited about or what are you proud of what could be proud of if you wanted to be proud or who in your life do you really love who loves you think about it for moment who do you really love who loves you btw how is that feel when you focus on it you think about sb you love see what ever you focus on you are gonna feel focus equal reality to the individual even though it's not reality or actuality i'll say that again focus equals reality to individual evethough it's not reality and actuality that's a complicted way of saying what ever you're focus on you're gonna feel whether it's true or not because yuor brain dosen't know the diffrence between sth you vividly imangin let's call focus on or sth you actually exprience tht's very power full if you use tthis to advatage I mean sth very simple how fast you can change how you feel (click) as fast you change your focus (click) as fast you change your move see right now if you focus on sth it's really upseting or sth you're worried about you're gonna feel those feelings if you focus on sth you really great feel for you're gonna feel totaly diffrent...

  • Well I didn't try it yet.
    I'm using EC by my mobile and it is not possible to download it by mobile.
    But I will try it later certainly.
    Thanks for your attention, Enigma.
  • Well I didn't try it yet.
    I'm using EC by my mobile and it is not possible to download it by mobile.
    But I will try it later certainly.
    Thanks for your attention, Enigma.
  • What is it about?
    Can you add its text please?
    • you couldn't download it ,could you?

      honestly ... I don't have the text... but I'll write it down if you want me to

  • You can do it, if you dream it.

    "Walt Disney"

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