Let's practice SPEAKING 1

This is a part of a story ( Cinderella ) Please read it, listen (mp3 attached )  and try to repeat it like the narrator and finally put the result here. We can ask a native one to check them.

Thank you !

 Text :

Cinderella (or The Little Glass Slipper)

There once lived a gentleman and his wife, who were the parents of a lovely little daughter. When this child was only nine years of age, her mother fell sick. Finding her death coming on, she called her child to her and said to her, “My child, always be good; bear every thing that happens to you with patience, and whatever evil and troubles you may suffer, you will be happy in the end if you are so.” Then the poor lady died, and her daughter was full of great grief at the loss of a mother so good and kind.

Cinderella 1.mp3

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      If a new member wants to take part in this discussion s/he needs to be approved by the group founder,  yousef haeri

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    • I had read them, my surprise is that the matter which you brought it up is not only related to this discussion, but also a general for the whole group body,..

      to solve it I had sent letter to Him:

      From You to yousef haeri
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      Thanks for your attention. I also had problem to invite people in this group before. Hope that Mr. Haeri will read your letter soon.

      About recording the voice, I also had the same problem!

      But let me say what I've done about it.

      In the first I tried to record it with my cell phone because I didn't have any software in my PC for recording the voice.

      When I have done it I saw that my cell phone version of voice is "amr" not an Mp3, and I saw that it is played in my computer in this way (It is only its picture and doesn't work as an audio):hmhs5g3ras2emec77pl3.jpg

      Then I thought about transfering it to EC and I find some sites for uploading the music and voice:



      But I don't know which one is the best now.


      When I recorded my voice by cell phone, I found that it is not so clear, then I tried to search from a software for recording voice and I downloaded this one:rstslf0w9tar0u6787q.jpg

      But still, I am not so familiar with this software. I am just trying to see is it good or not.

      Please if you know any good one let me know about it too.

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