We can share our ideas about cooking, give here our favorite recipes and dishes. We can learn more about each other's culture through the cuisine of the country, and improve our English at the same time!
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Welcome to my group

Hi everybody!
Nice to meet you here in this group!
Don't hesitate to add your favorite dishes here,we can share photos and recipes with each other.
You can start a new discussion,and make us learn about the particular features of your national specialities,and cuisine of your country.
Feel free to add here anything connected with meals and specialities of your choice.


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  • Is this group still active?
  • Sorry , typo I mean batter*

  • Does anyone know how to cook dosa, a south Indian dish. I am originally north Indian. I like south Indian dishes but never been able to cook dosa properly.I can cook potato filling properly but actual dosa is so difficult. I guess consistency of better is not proper, it's either gets too thin or thick.

    hope someone could help me. 

  • lets cook something fishy :P :D

  • Lamb is always good.

  • Hello Valeriana,Hiba and Roberto!

    You are welcome in this group,enjoy your time and don't hesitate to share your own interesting recipes or ideas about cooking here.

    Have a nice day!

  • I'm so glad for know this page about recipes, is the moment that knowledge about it's. I'm a retired police officer  and I like cuisine and other recipes that world and a learner of English language. Thanks a lot. So long.

  • I'm very pleased to have found this group. I'm still trying to get the hang (learn how to do sth) of the secrets of cooking. Thanks Monika for this wonderful group!
  • Hi Nguyen!

    Welcome to this group!

    Thanks for the yummy snowmen!:D

    Our traditional Xmas cake is:


    I'll add its recipe above,in the discussions:)


  • Hello W.f.y.!

    Don't hesitate to share here your ideas and recipes about cooking,please!

    Have a nice time!


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