• I like that Arai Yumi's song too.. Original I think, I like more than the cover for anime.
  • OP from "Tamayura" - a new anime for the fall 2010.
    "Yasashisa ni tsutsumaretanara"

    This song is a cover of the hit song in 1974 by Arai Yumi.
    I really like it, but it could be just my nostalgia ^_^
    Here is the original:
  • HINOI Team - IKE IKE (English subbed)

    moe .. moe

  • SHout it Loud - King Of Bandit Jing OP

  • my favourite anime .. Fruits Basket

  • i am listening to this song at this moment..

    声をきかせて / BIGBANG (OFFICIAL MV)

  • i have not watch it too.. but my sis always keep me updated and that bleach OP is her favourite =)
  • bleach opening 6

    I haven't watched bleach so long time, but this opening I liked most among of all bleach openings that I saw in past when still watching it.

  • nice song of letter bee...

    Right now i have re-run anime GetBackers ..

    ending song

  • I have seen only doubled to Germans version of X.. about 7 years ago. and I did not understand all Germans they were talking.. So I plan to watch it again sometime, In Japanese and with English subs

    Letter bee's opening is so nice. It keeps resonating in my head after I watched it last night.

    I liked the version 1 of tegami bachi opening too, but now, seems that I like the version 2 even more.. although first I was disappointed when they replaced it. :)

    PS. I was too unfair saying all Japanese pop music is horrible. I just suck my self about knowledge. Sorry. :D
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