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Open Letter to Yoh

Dear Yoh,

It has been a while we @Animegroup  didn't hear from you.  How are you?   How's life?

I hope you are well and hope that you're still coming once a while at MyEC.

Just drop by say Hi.. we are still around... well only me... I could see Hardi po

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My DeviantArt

Hello, I don't know who likes drawing or painting on this website. My favorite thing is drawing, I draw almost all kinds of drawing like sketch, anime and watercolor. Here is my DeviantArt website, I have submitted all of my artworks on it. You can h

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Love Anime

Hi Every one , 

I joined this group because i crazy about anime Hunter and Naruto are my favorite anime and i love all anime

I want from you any recommendation about new anime , i'm in this season watch Ace of diamond 2 ,Shokugeki no souma and other 


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The Ant bully

Hi guysI joined this group because I love cartoons .THE ANT BULLY is one of my favourite cartoons .It is about a kidwho always tries to destroy ants colonies since he says "I am big and you(Ants)are small.He is called the destroyer ,therfore the ant

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Would you like to play the Japanese word game, shiritori? Everyone can participate!The game goes so. First I give a Japanese word with English translation. And the next person will give a new Japanese word with English translation , that start with t

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why do people like fantacy?

no one say i bored in seeing animation here the question arise..y do people like animation ,cartoons fantacy...???eventhough they are all virtual .people like it ..people believe it..not only i mentioned cartoons but also the great graphics

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