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  • Hello Yoh,

    The two dishes-mapo tofu and hot & spicy shrimp looks really mouth-watering! Spicy dishes, such as 麻辣火鍋, are popular in Taiwan, especially in winter time. But, in general, most of our dishes are not that hot. I think the population of loving spicy food is still less compared with mainland China. People from 四川, 湖南 and 雲南 love spicy food particularly. They might need spicy food to wipe off the humidity inside their bodies.

    I just came back from our Lunar New Year, and today I had Korean meal with my friends. One of the dishes we had was fried rice cake with kimchi. It was a bit spicy but so tasty! We all enjoyed our meal tonight. ^^  Have you ever tried it?


    Have a nice week ahead!


  • Hello Yoh,

    How's the weather in your area? The news said much of US has suffered a cold arctic air. The temperature is even down to -50C. It'd probably be very dangerous when going outside. I hope you are doing fine and stay safe! In such frozen winter, the hot pot may be the best choice to taste. :)

    2388681953?profile=originalTake care!

  • Happy 2013+1, Yoh! :D

    It's really surprising to have your comment after one year. Nice to see you again. :)  That would be great to work in your home country, which has the food, culture and things you are already familiar with. Look forward to hearing your good news soon. :)

    The landscape of Latchworth State Park looks so splendid, especially the falls make it a brilliant scene. Thank you for sharing. :) In return, I'm sending you a pic of the sunset I took yesterday. I was lucky to capture it with such amazing color in the first day of 2014. ^_^

    "Thank you for the warm wish, and I also hope 2014 is the best year in your life", says Cupid. :D


  • Happy 2013, Yoh.

    It has been a long time since we contacted last time. How are you?  Are you still working in Rochester or move to another city? Hope everything is well with you, and wish you and your family a bright and prosperous new year. ◕‿◕


  • "Konnichiwa, hikikomoricchisan.... Asobouyo." :D
    Are you so fed up of all the annoying human beings of this world, that you have escaped to some cats - no actually mouses realm, to meditate there alone, in your tent?


    Today I saw a nice cat at side of road.. When I was already passed by. I remembered that Fiizzy likes cat's, and I thought to take some photos for her. So I turned around and ride back. And just when I was taking some photos for Fizzy, some of your friends passed by. So I took a photo for you too... since it seems like they were having fun riding there without you.. Or at least I did not see any Grizzly san like looking figure there, who could be you. Also on photo, I can't see you. But they did howl, or shout to me when passing by.. Maybe they actually weren't your friends? Don't know, if your friends would howl like that. :P Maybe lesser panda would? Not sure.. I don't remember what kind of character he had..




    PS. It's okay to be busy... but: "hitoribocchi, dame!" :D Actually don't be pothered by me, I'm just saying random stuff here, that I'm even not sure, wheter it's correct Japanese. lol

    Actually I did only come by to say hi... But if I were some anime character.. I might want to say such things as I did. :P

    ..Have a nice weekend. ^_^

  • Happy birthday, Yoh!  ^_^


  • welcome yoh,,my pleasure, welcome to my page. enjoy

  • Hey You,

    You are riding with a little puppy, I love that! your photo is fantastic.
    How is the weather in NY?

    Keep warm!!   :)

  • *wave at Yoh.. Hi (^_^)/

  • Hi. Have a nice week end. ^_^

    Yesterday, or day before yesterday we got some more snow. Now it can be called winter at last.


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