• Yeah, watching the anime version, I've never imagined that Kuragehime was from a female magazine. I guess this anime version is in good balance regarding the gender orientation, so everybody can enjoy it.
  • Thanks, I was wondering what were they parodying in “Kuragehime” with those dancing, jumping sheep. Now I know.

    It seems like in manga, there was not dancing sheep in that point.. Only a single frame about kurara staying up.

    Well seems that manga is slightly different.
    Though, I didn't read it properly. Just got curious to check that episode out. Don't want to ruin the fun of watching anime by reading it..

    It's josei manga too. Anime didn't feel so much to female oriented. Manga looked like josei from the first sight. lol
    It's not like I can't read Josei. But I have to balance. Unable to take too pure josei in big portions.. ^_^

  • Heidi, Girl of the Alps (Arupusu no Shōjo Haiji) is a 1974 anime series and it seems to be recognized as the anime classic, as I recently saw a couple of parodies referring to “Heidi”.

    One is from “Kuragehime” ep-1. Tsukimi named her pet kurage (jellyfish) “Kurara”, which may be a parody of Clara in “Heidi”. Clara had a disability in her legs but was able to stand by herself in the end.

    The other is from “The World God Only Knows”, ep-3.

    I’m happy to see such parodies of my old-days-anime^_^
  • Hi Mars Russo, I don't remember the details of those anime either. I'm just glad that we share the same experiences^_^
  • Wow, I watched those when I was a little kid, now I don't remember much...
    all I remember now is I really enjoyed watching those anime :D
  • Yes "Future Boy Conan" is good. I watched it some while ago and I enjoyed it too.
  • Future Boy Conan (Mirai Shōnen Konan)
    Year 1978 (Wikipedia; video)
    Hayao Miyazaki directed this anime before his great movies.
    It was broadcasted by Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), which is a bit square broadcasting organization. So, the story was a little serious and contained less humor. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it very much.
  • Woah, "Urusei Yatsura" have so many episodes. Maybe I try to watch it's OVA's sometime, but after seeing it's 2 first episodes. I pretty much know what it is about. I think, that there are so many animes that have got some influence from it. So I probably don't have to watch this one to know it.. because I have already seen others ^_^
  • Urusei Yatsura (see Wikipedia and YouTube)

    This was a big hit by Rumiko Takahasi before Ranma1/2
    Boys including me fell in love with Lum-chan, the alien oni girl with bikini.
  • Cool, if I have chance I will watch this one. I'm sure I have heard this song before.. the opening theme song. I think in some anime, someone sang it in karaoke bar, or smth.. Maybe it was Konata from "Lucky Star"? Or maybe some other otaku from otaku anime. :P

    I think, I will probably like it.
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