Audio Recordings: "Reading and Listening"

Do you have a READING HABIT? If you do, why don't you READ SOMETHING for our club members' LISTENING PLEASURE? It can be an interesting NEWS taken from a Newspaper, a SHORT STORY that you read recently or ANYTHING that you feel worth sharing. It will help you with your READING SKILL and PRONUNCIATION. The club members, meanwhile, can sharpen their LISTENING SKILL. This activity will definitely help both the SPEAKERS and LISTENERS with their English. This is a GOOD OPPORTUNITY that I don't want you to miss. Happy Speaking and Listening

                                                                                               HERE IS WHAT YOU DO:
                       1. GET READY your READING MATERIAL.
                       2. GO to CHIRBIT voice "RECORDING and SHARING" site.
                       3. RECORD reading your piece and SUBMIT it. 
                       4. [Or, you can UPLOAD a pre-recorded sound file from your computer!]
                       5. COPY the EMBEDDING CODE (HTML code) and COME TO THIS PAGE
                       6. CLICK the "MEDIA" button (the third one) on the TOOLBAR of your COMMENT BOX.
                       7. PASTE your EMBEDDING CODE and PRESS the button "Ok". That's it! 

                                                  Let me get the ball rolling. Here's my MAIDEN VOICE RECORDING.

                                                                                         Check this out on Chirbit

Note: I humbly request all the PARTICIPANTS and LISTENERS to COMMENT and CORRECT after listening to one's audio recording. It would be impossible for me to do that all by myself. Sometimes I may not be even around. Thus, I need your help to keep this page active. THIS IS OUR GROUP. Thank you! 

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    • WoW SNR, I just listent to your recording it's awesom your accent and cute voice :D 
      And your reading isn't horrible at all. 

    • Thank you so much for listening to my reading dear Sarah. I am on cloud nine coz u liked my accent. generally, people say Indians have a bad accent ... lol

      See you around :)

    • Finally, I have heard you, SNR )))) Loved your voice. So lovely, sweet and cute...)))) Your reading is great. It is heard that you were nervous a little bit ))) haha...You didn't have any reason for that ))

    • Hey, dear Olgaaaa

      Yes, finally u heard me. Thank you so much dear for your lovely words. You have guessed it right. I was a little nervous because I recorded my voice the first time. Besides I am not a consistent reader like other members. I read seldom. 

      Once again thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. :)

    • Hi SNR, very nice loud recording. Your pronauncietion is very good as far as i can tell, you are reading calmly and clearly, that is exelent also. Your fluidity is almost spot on, you slow down here and there, speed comes with time. Also , I dont know if it mathers or not, you have also a distinct non englis accent.

      Great recording, keep up the good work.


    • Hey Gorki

      First of all thank you so much for listening my recording. It was the first time I recorded something n i felt it needs practice to record reading without making any mistake. 

      When i listened  my own recording i felt i had breath problem i didht take pause at appropriate places which affected soke of my words pronounciation.

      I am glad you found my accent distinct. But many people don't like indian accent 

      I dont know whether i sound typical indian in terms of accent. 

      Thanks  a lot for your encouraging comment. 


    • Wow...! That is one remarkable voice recording. I like the clarity in your voice. It's hard to believe that this is the very first time you are recording your voice and sharing it online. You sound like a seasoned reader. Congratulations, SNR!

      By the way, why don't you EMBED your AUDIO PLAYER itself here instead of giving the link to the audio? It's very EASY to do. Just scroll up and read the instructions I've given above the audio player with my voice reording.

    • Hey Gabriel! 

      Thank you sooo much for your support and nice words, it means a lot to me :) 

      Now talking about embeding audio player itself I tried it but don't know why always the link gets posted here. 

      Will see where the problem is. 

      Thanks once again for creating this group. It has been very helpful so far to learn and improve my pronounciation. 

      See you around.

    • I'm glad to have been of help, SNR! You know what? I've added another page to our English Pronunciation Group where you can learn how to embed the audio player of your voice recording made at Chirbit. Check it out!

      Are you thinking of sharing your voice recording here at the "English Pronunciation" group or anywhere else at our English Club, but DON'T KNOW how t…
    • Thanks Gabriel :)

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