Audio Recordings: "Reading and Listening"

Do you have a READING HABIT? If you do, why don't you READ SOMETHING for our club members' LISTENING PLEASURE? It can be an interesting NEWS taken from a Newspaper, a SHORT STORY that you read recently or ANYTHING that you feel worth sharing. It will help you with your READING SKILL and PRONUNCIATION. The club members, meanwhile, can sharpen their LISTENING SKILL. This activity will definitely help both the SPEAKERS and LISTENERS with their English. This is a GOOD OPPORTUNITY that I don't want you to miss. Happy Speaking and Listening

                                                                                               HERE IS WHAT YOU DO:
                       1. GET READY your READING MATERIAL.
                       2. GO to CHIRBIT voice "RECORDING and SHARING" site.
                       3. RECORD reading your piece and SUBMIT it. 
                       4. [Or, you can UPLOAD a pre-recorded sound file from your computer!]
                       5. COPY the EMBEDDING CODE (HTML code) and COME TO THIS PAGE
                       6. CLICK the "MEDIA" button (the third one) on the TOOLBAR of your COMMENT BOX.
                       7. PASTE your EMBEDDING CODE and PRESS the button "Ok". That's it! 

                                                  Let me get the ball rolling. Here's my MAIDEN VOICE RECORDING.

                                                                                         Check this out on Chirbit

Note: I humbly request all the PARTICIPANTS and LISTENERS to COMMENT and CORRECT after listening to one's audio recording. It would be impossible for me to do that all by myself. Sometimes I may not be even around. Thus, I need your help to keep this page active. THIS IS OUR GROUP. Thank you! 

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    • Thank you very much for your feedback, I agree with you, to much pause between words, yes



  • No doubt that you have always a creative way in attracting learners to use the best ways to improve their pronunciation and speaking skills.

    Thank you so much dear Gabriel. Your voice recording is great . Best wishes dear!

    • Thank you, dearest Hala! You've always been a big supporter of everything I do here and a good friend of mine ever since I joined MyEC. I treasure our friendship! Hope to see you around often from now onwards and contribute to the MyEC community like you did before with your great GRAMMAR LESSONS. Nice to see you again back at Club, dear! 

  • Hi Gabriel, 

    It's really a very good idea. I hope this way many members will be able to improve their listening and reading skills. 

    I heard your recording but couldn't find any mistake. 


    • Thank you for your positive feedback. It's indeed my hope too that many members will use this opportunity to polish their READING and LISTENING skill. Let's wait and see!

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