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Do we always control our heart?

Do we always control our heart?

Train your heart. That is a discipline every warrior needs. If you can control your heart, then you will defeat your opponents.--- Paulo Coelho. 

Man has three entities

  1. Soul /Heart: Which only can desire 
  2. Brain/CPU: Which makes judgment through logic whether something beneficial or not. Creates different paths and sends a signal to the soul (Brain unit for Soul)  like this: here the alternatives, if you take this, then this would happen if you take that one, then that
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Life is complex. And we cannot fully comprehend its complexities.

Take time, one of the complexities of life, for example. It continuously moves forward, doesn’t take a break and never goes back. We can’t mould it according to our desires; in fact, we have to adjust our lives according to its ticking hand.

So, we can’t change what happened – or didn’t happen – in the past. We don’t know what the future holds. And the present is always slipping off from our hands.

We’ve limited time, which is contin

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When I was a teenage girl. I saw everything through rose-coloured glasses. Life seems to be very easy because I don't take care of the cost of living. The only thing I have to worry about is my homework, test, examination. I am willing to do anything without fear of failure. The more I grow up, the more things I have to worry about. I face the unpleasant side of life. I see everything more realistic. When you see a problem realistically, you will evaluate failure rate and success rate. So you be

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What do you love in your job?

Fist, I want to tell about my job.

I majored in Architecture at University for 5 years. When i was a high school student, It's difficult to choose a future major. The only reason that I decide to become an architect is nobody in my class choose it and I feel special. What a childish thought at that time. But now, I realise that It is an important quality when you work related to art that you always want to do everything in a special way.

What do you think about an Architect? You image to who alway

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