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Hello everyone, Greetings! 

This is my, so called, introduction. You can call me Illa and I am from Indonesia. I am currently 19 years old university student. I like art, I like to draw, paint, listen to music, watch movies, read book, and learning languages (etc.). I am interested to learn literature and such. I like to watch anime and read manga too. 

I am having a quarantine time due to the corona virus. So, I am watching a series, it titled "Merlin." It is a story telling about arthurian legen

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Begin from Introduction

Hi, I am still confused what I would said hmm... I mean what I would write. it is as difficult as speak because I always imagine someone to listen to me now. Ok for the first time I am sorry for the mistake. I am nia 28 age years old and I am here because I want to improve my writing english. Actually I have ever Joined EC but I forget my ID so that I made new ID. Thank you for reading my first blog :-D and nice to be your friend ! ----nia---

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