How EC has changed my LIFE.

Hi, everyone. 

First of all, receive my warmest regards 

Well, here I am again writing a few lines to express my feelings about EC. 

When I first came to EC in 2005 , I was barely an English teacher trainee and I was scared of making grammar mistakes on the forums. However, several members made feel comfortable to write as much as I could so that I would practice more and more. 

But I didn't come by chance. My "English I" professor asked me (us, my classmates and I) to meet people abroad and exchange culture,traditions and opinions about the English learning process. Yes. It was such an amazing experience for me. I met people from all around the world and actually I made many friends here who ARE STILL my friends: for 8 YEARS!! Imagine. 

After 5 years , I became a teacher and now I am returning the favor. Yes; English is not my native language but I love sharing the little English I know. I always remember this line " If you want to multiply your happiness, DIVIDE IT.." . So, I do my best , as much as I can and to be connected to EC  to spend some time with my virtual family, my EC family. 

So, EC: Thank you so much for being in my LIFE. 

Thank you!!!

PS: Here you can read my very first post in 2005. 

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  • It's indeed nice knowing you, Oriani. :)

    Have a nice day!

  • I tried to read your first post Oriani. The link doesn't work now.  I am so glad to see how you have improved in the past 9 years and that you are now a teacher. I will use you as an example for my students.

  • Wow, it happens, 8 years. You make me believe that I could master English as good as you thorugh EC, :p.
  • Thank you, dear karim =)

  • Hi Oriani

    Very  nice experience 

    i'm so happy for you

    all the best   ^_^


  • Thank you , dear Scarlett. 

    I was 20 years old on that photo. Ohhh, I miss those days , haha =)

  • Hi dear Oriani,

    Yeah, EC has changed my life too!

    Thanks for sharing such a nice blog, your pic is very cute! I like it :)

  • Thank you for your kind comments, my dear all. Yes, EC has changed my life =)

  • Glad you achieved your great goal:)

  • Thanks for this nice story :) 

    I also can say that my life is much different since I joined My EC :) Lot of new friends and new experience :) 

    Best wishes 

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